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Sewing and Fitting Princess Bust Curves

Are you struggling with sewing front bust princess seams from a “home sewing” pattern? Start with trimming those seam allowances down to 1/2″. Using 5/8″ is not at all ideal for two opposing curves- which is why it’s not used in commercial sewing. Your home sewing pattern may also be lacking a nice contoured fit under the bust and through the waist like you would find in better ready to wear labels. This video will address that as well!   A special thanks to PR member “kowgiirl.up” for inspiring the creation of this video!

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  • Posted: 10/27/2016 20:02


    I am "kowgiirl.up". I just stumbled across this video again just to rewatch and noted the description below the video. To follow up, I did get the dress finished (but forgot to post pics) for the thread that inspired this video. This video was of so much help getting me to the finish-line for my daughters wedding and making it a success. Thank you again for taking the time to explain the "how to's" and the "what for's" of sewing the Princess seam to a gal that had never sewn a dress before. :-)