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Sew Along: Strapless Foundation- Week Five (I get obsessively creative)

I couldn’t help but take a break from all the utility work on this project and indulge in some creative play for the fashion layers.  While perusing my stash and pondering endless possibilities, I decided to experiment with a technique I have been wanting to try.  I will call it “Silk Gauze & Chantilly Chenille”.  Often in couture, the bragging rights are in the creating of a fabric or texture as opposed to just buying a piece that comes off of a roll.   Although I will say I have seen couture worthy fabrics come off the bolt ranging in price from $225, $500, $800 and even higher!

My “couture” fashion fabric that I’ve coined “Silk Gauze & Chantilly Chenille” goes like this:

  • A layer of China silk
  • A layer of silk gauze
  • A layer of baby blue Chantilly lace
  • Another layer of gauze cut on the bias
  • Then rows and rows and rows of stitches 3/8″ apart with baby blue thread
  • After the rows are sewn, the two top layers are cut in between each stitch.
  • Moisten gently, then rough it up and even blow dry it if you like

I am so happy with the results.  It’s incredibly, incredibly silky soft to touch and looks like such an intricate detailing for what work was put into it.  I really wish I was a better photographer because I just can’t seem to grasp in the photos what this looks like in person- frustrating!!

The visual result is that the blue is ever so faint, and the gauze chenilled stripes diffuse the “wallpaper” effect of the lace.  The lace was only about $10 per yard in the  LA Fashion District, and actually pretty soft for the price.   Not a bad choice at all considering a Solstiss Chantilly can be a good $85 a yard or higher!  I didn’t love this particular lace to use on it’s own, but for this technique it’s perfect, and the price is perfect!  The silk gauze is lighter in weight than silk chiffon and takes on a very floaty and fine wispy effect.  It’s available at Thai Silks for about $6 a yard for the 54″.   Now that I’ve come to love this technique, I will never throw another scrap of fine lace away again no matter how tiny.  I could easily see doing a confetti of silk pieces and laying the gauze on top of them and row stitch away!  I might even throw down a variety of cut metallic threads and just make pizza out of it!  lol

I will be continuing with my crazy couture fabric making this week to complete my outer “fashion bodice”.  For next weeks post, it will be the unveiling of my outer bodice and attaching it to the foundation along with the zipper and bra closure.  For the rest of my gown, I’m thinking of an insanely full ballgown skirt with a slight sweep in the back, made from silk gauze gathered into the bodice.  Underneath would be layers of tulle in natural silk white and baby blue, and the final lining in baby blue.  I would want the blue in the skirt to be very subtle, but visible enough especially during movement.  Maybe a silk baby blue charmeuse sash.  I dunno, I will see if I can solicit opinions from everyone willing to give me one!  lol  Plus I’m sure I will want to have some beading.

By the way, I’ve been dying to see what everyone is using for their fashion fabrics and design! (hint hint)  Come on, people…. I’ve shared some of my best secrets with you!

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  • Posted: 07/19/2016 08:22

    Hebergement web

    Oh hey, remember my strapless bra project? This week I had a little “me sewing time” after over a month away, and finally worked on finishing it up!
    • Posted: 01/07/2017 05:12

      Catina Ferraine

      oooh yay! I would love to see!