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Sew-Along: Strapless Foundation

Join me on for this Sew-Along!

There is nothing special you need to do to “sign up” for this and there is no fee involved. Just simply hang out here, and feel free to comment/ask questions even if you are not sewing one up at this time!

I will post a new step each Saturday, for the next six weeks. Casual “live video hangouts” will also be available from time to time for anyone who would like to “pop in” for show ‘n tell or questions.

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  • Posted: 02/27/2015 01:00


    I have a mother of the groom dress to make for myself and this is exactly what I need to get started. Thank you for the detailed posts.
    • Posted: 02/28/2015 22:03

      Catina Ferraine

      Very exciting! Feel free to ask questions if you need help. There are so many variations of creating the foundation layers, that it can really depend on that particular design, fit and fabrication.
  • Posted: 08/02/2016 15:34

    Chris Hanner

    Hi I want to sew along but would like to know approx. how much fashion fabric I should have on hand for the outside layer. I have plenty of muslin, silk for lining etc. but would like an estimate of the outside fabric
    • Posted: 01/07/2017 05:11

      Catina Ferraine

      I would say it depends on the dress style. If you mean just the bodice, 1/2 yard should be plenty for most sizes, maybe 3/4 for a larger size.