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The Pattern Hack Fairy has a new BLOG!


Thank you for stopping by!  My name is Catina and you have probably bumped into me a time or two if you hang out on the Forums (what sewist doesn’t!) .   

This blog will be my journal of sorts where you can have a peek into what I’m working on, ask questions about your own projects, and have fun with creative challenges and giveaways I will have from time to time.

I’ve been a professional couturier/patternmaker for about 30 years now, servicing both commercial fashion companies and private clients under my own label.   Recently, I’ve begun to realize how much of a need there really is for quality patterns for the home-sewing community and have started my own “indie” pattern company called Fashion Hack Patterns.



  • Posted: 01/07/2016 15:21

    Jen Musok

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  • Posted: 03/01/2016 15:17

    Michele Hill

    How can I follow your blog?